World Interior Design, 1993-24


Tisza fa - Írások

World Interior Design,  1993-24

Organic Furniture,

György Tisza-Kalmár

I do not close nature out of the house, ont he contraary, my work is an attempt to re-unite the inner world with the outside world.
I use organic materials in their original form as much as possible. The curving lines and knots of trees are built into the composition. When the spirituality of the materials and the expression of my own spirituality overlap a new entity becomes alive.
Similarly to my „Healing Paintings”, my pieces of furniture can  make a house spiritually alive by capturing and liberating the good  ghosts. My doors are totems, one cannot go through them untouched, unchanged, they evoke the eternal questions in the humen soul.
- Where are you coming from? Where are you going? Who are you?